There’s a dog, scared and alone.  Not long ago, an hour, maybe more?  Who knows.  She was happy, just going for a drive with her family.  A car ride!  The best!  We ended up at this spot, tall grass, a happily flowing river and a ball to chase, doggy paradise.  Her mom and dad tied her up to a park bench, “Be right back baby”  They said, and walked away.  That was the last time Lily saw the family she had known, had loved.


Coming back from the barn that evening, a relaxed, calm energy was in the air.  A quick stop for a walk by the river seemed like a great idea.  Aimee parked her truck and hopped out, enjoying the fresh smell of spring bloom in the air.  It didn’t take long to notice the stunning, quiet Rottweiler laying in some cool grass, chained to a cement table.  She looked on for a moment, seeking any sign of owners, no one was around, no cars, no hikers, nothing.   Then Aimee noticed the note…


“My name is Lily.  I love toys and treats….Mom and Dad can’t take care of me anymore, please give me a forever home.”


What? Had someone actually just chained this dog up and left?  A flipped over water bowl, a padlock around her neck, and a well loved chew toy were all she had.  How long had she been here?  What on earth had happened to make her deserve this?  Whatever the reason she was here to begin with, she wasn’t staying.


Aimee spent the next hour, sitting in the grass, convincing this impressive animal that she was friend, no foe.  It’s no small feat making a terrified 100lb Rottie trust a total stranger.  No matter.  An hour later she was eating out of the palm of Aimee’s hand.  She happily jumped in the back of Aimee’s truck and was whisked away to a new life!  It soon became clear this dog ended up where she was by no fault of her own, she was a doll!  Loving, playful, funny as heck.  What a treasure!  

Lily spent a night at Aimee’s condo, then began the search for her new perfect forever home.  Through a network of fantastic friends and animal lovers, she was able to find an amazing home with a whole pack of rotti’s to play and grow old with.  




Finch came into Aimee’s world as a tiny, malnourished orphan kitten who had been fostered onto a healthy mother cat with six kittens.  Aimee had taken the mother and now seven kittens in as fosters but would soon find Finch to provide many challenges.

Shortly after arriving at their new temporary home, while the other kittens were thriving, Finch was declining.  He was very small, even though he was a full two weeks older than the others, not putting on any weight, hardly eating and just generally pretty ill.  

Seeing this small creature in such a bad way broke Aimee’s heart, she then noticed he was born with a severe genetic defect that would require him to be given medications and live in diapers for the rest of his life.  Every pet health care professional who came to meet Finch during this time all agreed his quality of life was questionable at best, and the humane option was to euthanize.  Being a seasoned Veterinary Technician, this was not something that Aimee was unfamiliar with, but there was something gnawing at her to just try with this little guy, and see how things turned out.  What’s the worst that could happen, right? 

So then began the treatments, baths, feedings, and enlisting friends to make teenie-tiny kitten diapers.  At first he required nearly around the clock care, even with momma cat around to help.  Soon though he began to put on weight, an ounce here or there, just enough to provide hope.   Then came the day, about two weeks after he came into her home, that he played for the first time!  It was short lived, a small bat at a string toy, but it was enough to show that this little dude had some fight in him yet.

Over time the other kittens grew and eventually all (except for one other handsome man named Bear), went off to their respective homes.  Life for the most part returned to normal, all except for a small, playful tuxedo kitten who sported the fanciest diapers in the land.  

Weeks and months went by, the little man continued to grow and show promise, over time it became clear, this little guy who could barely hold his head up at first, was around to stay.  He quickly became another loved member of the household, quirky, spunky and just thankful to be alive.  

“All too often in my line of work I see things go the other way, the way we don’t want things to go.  Finch offered me a chance to try, he fought as hard as I did.  Everyday I spend my life in the pursuit of making animals lives better, Finch is my constant reminder of why I do what I do, that despite everything, sometimes life works out.”



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